At the Table of Power: Food and Cuisine in the African American Struggle for Freedom, Justice, and Equality

Diane Marie Spivey

AT THE TABLE OF POWER is the riveting story of how America’s southern and northern Black cooks built the foundation on which America’s national cuisine stands.  In a bold rethinking of culinary historical accounts of the United States, which constantly assign to others the majority of African American culinary achievements and true contributions to America’s kitchens, AT THE TABLE OF POWER reinstates the African American culinary legacy and offers thought provoking insight into the historical experience and cultural values of African America and America in general, by way of the kitchen.  This is the first cookbook to take a serious look at the overall environment of the country’s Black cooks, chefs, and caterers at the culinary helm of farms and plantations, restaurants, hotels, steamboats, lodges and private clubs, trains, and homes of the elites, not just through their measuring cups and spoons, but also through the larger scope and lens of this country’s laws and legal history.

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