Carter G. Woodson Lecture 2013: Sparking the Genius

By Kaye Wise Whitehead

Published January 20, 2014

In Sparking the Genius, Whitehead outlines the Critical Moments in American History that defined both the beginning of the early Civil Rights Movement-with the release of the Emancipation Proclamation-and the modern Civil Rights Movement in 1963. Starting with the Birmingham Campaign (Project C), Whitehead outlines, defines, and deconstructs five Critical Moments including the release of Dr. King’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail,” the assassination of Medgar Evers, the March on Washington, and the bombing of the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church. With an introduction from Dr. Alicia Moore and Dr. La Vonne Neal, the book also includes an article on critical pedagogy by Dr. Conra Gist and a lesson plan for teaching the Woodson Lecture to K-16 students. Whitehead’s 2013 Carter G. Woodson Lecture is both a challenge and a call to action: Will you answer the call to help spark the genius? “Sparking the Genius is a gem that illuminates the African American struggle in the United States. – Daryl Michael Scott, Professor of History, Howard University, and President of ASALH “In the dynamic oratory voice of her father, who is a pastor, Whitehead challenges us to (re)spark the genius in not only ourselves, but to also spark this genius in those we come in contact with, especially the youth.” – Janet Sims-Wood, Ph.D., National VP for Membership of ASALH “Sparking the Genius is a riveting call to action from Dr. Whitehead to all generations to fully embrace and learn from our Black History and Heritage.” – Cheryl Clark, CEO, National Visionary Leadership Project “Karsonya Wise Whitehead is one of our new script-writers!” – La Vonne Neal, Dean, Northern Illinois University, College of Education


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