The Black History Bulletin is dedicated to enhancing teaching and learning in the areas of history. Its aim is to publish, generate, and disseminate peer-reviewed information about African Americans in U. S. history, the African Diaspora generally, and the peoples of Africa.  Its purpose is to inform the knowledge base for the professional praxis of secondary educators through articles that are grounded in theory, yet supported by practice.  The Black History Bulletin welcomes articles on all aspects of Black history, especially those written with a focus on:

(1) middle school U.S. history; (2) high school U.S. history; (3) teacher preparation U.S. history methods.

The Black History Bulletin also welcomes inquiries from middle and high schools about featuring photographs of their teachers and students.  Unsolicited manuscripts will not be returned unless accompanied by a properly self-addressed return envelope with postage.  Below are the mailing address for manuscripts and contact information for the editors. Download the author guidelines and lesson plan templates by clicking here.

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Alicia Moore

LaVonne Neal

Editorial Board—2019-2022

Board Members:

  • David Campos Professor University of the Incarnate Word 
  • Charles Dukes Associate Professor Florida Atlantic University 
  • Joseph E. Flynn Associate Professor Northern Illinois University 
  • Geneva Gay Professor University of Washington 
  • Satasha Green-Stephen Associate Vice Chancellor Minnesota State 
  • Jason Kahleed Hayes Education Strategist Jason Kahleed Hayes Education Co. 
  • Pamela Lamar-Dukes Associate Professor Florida Atlantic University 
  • Paul LaRue History Teacher (RET.) Washington High School, Ohio 
  • Kim Pearson Associate Professor The College of New Jersey 
  • Katherine Scott Sturdevant Professor Pikes Peak Community College 
  • Angela M. Ward Urban Public School Equity Leader, Founder & CEO, 2Ward Equity Consulting
  • Gwendolyn Webb-Hasan Associate Professor Texas A&M University 


The Black History Bulletin welcomes articles written with a focus on: (1) middle school U.S. History; (2) high school U.S. History; (3) teacher preparation social studies methods. Tangible works to be included in the Bulletin are items such as lesson plans and pullouts, ranging from teacher “how-to” to biographical and/or informational pieces about African Americans for students to read.  These materials will be used to supplement teachers’ lesson plans and textbooks.  Teachers will be exposed to the hidden gems of information about African Americans that were omitted from their textbooks in their own secondary and postsecondary teacher preparation programs. Articles should be no more than seven (7) typed, double-spaced pages, including endnotes.  Please use The Chicago Manual of Style for citations. Submitted manuscripts will be peer-reviewed.  Your cover letter should include the title of your manuscript, your name, postal address, e-mail address, phone number, and fax number.  Your manuscript should begin with the title of your manuscript and should not include your name. Please direct inquiries to the editors.  E-mail your manuscript (Microsoft Word) to the editors.  Include the subject line, “Black History Bulletin” for reference. Author Guidelines and Lesson Plan Template 

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Publication Schedule

86 (2023)

1 – Black Genius: Excellence in Education

#1- Available March 2023

85 (2022)

1 – Historical Trauma, Past Pains, Future Promise

2 – Black Resistance

#1- Available Now

#2 – Available Fall 2022

84 (2021)

1 – The Power of Protest: Then and Now

2 – Black Health and Wellness

1 – Available Spring

2 – Available September

83 (2020)

1 – Black Lives Matter: From  Enslavement to Engagement

2 – The Black Family: Representation, Identity, and Diversity

#1 – Available

#2 – Available

82 (2019)

1 – Race, Revolution & Resistance
2 – African Americans and the Vote

#1 – Available
#2 – Available 

81 (2018)

1 – Quilted Histories: The Threads of Counter Narratives
2 – Black Migrations

#1 – Available
#2 – Available 

80 (2017)

1 – Poetry, Prose and Music: Lyrical Voice of Black Arts Movement
2 – African Americans in Times of War

#1 – Available
#2 – Available 

79 (2016)

1 – Youth Empowerment Hope/Action/Freedom
2 – The Crisis in Black Education

#1 – Available
#2 – Available 

78 (2015)

1 – Social Justice Evolution or Revolution
2 – Hallowed Grounds: Sites of African American Memories

#1 – Available
#2 – Available 

Contact for Issues 77 or earlier.

77 (2014)

1 – The Impact of Media on Scholarly Identity Development
2 – Century of Black Life, History, and Culture

76 (2013)

1 – Framing Technology
2 – Civil Rights in America

75 (2012)

1 – Taking a Look Back to Broaden the Lens of Literacy
2 – The 150th Anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation

74 (2011)

1 – The Influence of African Americans on Popular Culture
2 – Black Women in American Culture and History

73 (2010)

1 – Young, Gifted, and Black: Gifted Education in Today’s Schools
2 – African Americans and the Civil War

72 (2009)

1 – Globalization: World History and the Contributions of African Americans
2 – The History of Black Economic Empowerment

71 (2008)

1 – “Eradicating the Achievement Gap”
2 – “Quest for Black Citizenship in the Americas”

70 (2007)

1 – “Differentiating Instruction Voices of Special Education”
2 Carter G. Woodson and the History of Multiculturism

69 (2006)

1 – “Celebrating Community: Black Civic, Social, and Fraternal Organizations”
2 – “From Slavery to Freedom”

68 (2005)

1 – Special Issue on the Niagara Movement
2 – Special Issue on African American Art, Life, and History

67 (2004)

Special Issue on Brown v. BOE 

66 (2003) 65 (2002)

Special Issue on Lynching

65 (2002)

Carter G. Woodson on cover

64 (2001)

First issue of the Black History Bulletin

63 (2000)

Last volume of the Negro History Bulletin

62 (1999) 61 (1998) 60 (1997)

1-4 1-4 1-3, 4

59 (1996)

Special Women’s Issue