Don't Dismiss My Story: The Tapestry of Colonized Voices In White Space

Ruben Britt, Jr. & Alicia Monroe

Don’t Dismiss My Story: The Tapestry of Colonized Voices in White Space provides readers with a historical account of white-centered power dynamics and dominance in elementary, secondary, and higher education and the legacy of failure and hopelessness experienced by non-white students, faculty, and administrators. The book deeply examines the constructs of white privilege and entitlement and provides readers with a transformative framework to create authentic, inclusive learning spaces where multi-hyphenated identities are welcomed, seen, and heard.

Don’t Dismiss My Story is an essential resource for current and prospective educators and education professionals who are committed to co-creating learning spaces that “call out” inequities and “call in” hope and equitable access for all students at all levels of education.

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