Dr. Lois Harrison-Jones, Professor Emerita of the Howard University, School of Education and the Past National President of NABSE and Continental Societies, Inc.® was recently recognized and honored by two school districts for her illustrious career as a trailblazer, history-maker and veteran professional educator.

Her name is inscribed on the wall at the front entrance to the new Westmoreland High School in Montross, Virginia that was opened this school year. She is included in a timeline that began when the county was formed in the 1600s and listed among other outstanding past and present trailblazers and history-makers of the county.

On June 20, 2023, the Richmond, Virginia School Board voted to remove the name of John B. Cary (who was a Confederate colonel in the Civil War) from the building and rename it the LOIS HARRISON-JONES ELEMENTARY SCHOOL.

John B. Cary is a Model School that she nurtured and replicated at other schools during her administration. Dr. Harrison-Jones is Richmond’s first woman Superintendent and the first African American woman Superintendent of Schools in the Commonwealths of Virginia and Massachusetts.

Additional information will be available as to when the erection of the school’s new signage will occur.

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