The Memphis Area Branch of ASALH dedicated its monthly meeting to veterans and their families who served our country in various positions of the Armed Forces. Appreciation and commendations were extended to the following members and families for their dedication, commitment, perseverance, courage and service to the United of America:1. Phyliss R. Dixon (ASALH Member); Clarence Hale, Jr.(age 99);Dixon’s stepfather is from South Pittsburg, Tennessee served in WWI and now resides in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; 2. DeBorah Luckett Day(ASALH Member); Dr. Day, a commander/retiree served in the U.S. Navy for 20 years,5 months and 4 days. Dr. Day is the founder/president of Mending Vessels Ministry, Inc.; 3. James Deke Pope, a U.S. Specialist 4 Class served in the Vietnam Era from 196-1964. Currently, Pope is an African American entrepreneur and community organizer; 4. Herbert Hoover Brown, Brother of Yvonne B. Acey/Brother-in- law of David L. Acey, Sr.(ASALH Members); U.S. Army Corporal and served in the Korean War from 1952-1960. Professionally, he was an insurance agent, Juvenile Court Probation Officer, Commander -in-Chief, St John Consistory, Walls, Ms,33rd Degree Mason.; 5. Glen Brown, Jr., Brother of Yvonne B. Acey/ Brother-in-law of David L. Acey, Sr., (. ASALH Members) , U.S. Army Sergeant, WWII served from 1941-1944 for three years and nine months; received exemplary honors and achievements , i.e. Purple Heart, Five Battle Stars, numerous citations for leadership, bravery and courage; 6. Clarence Christian(ASALH Member) had numerous relatives serving in the various military positions, i.e. Tom Pettis Jones. (Uncle), Jean and Maye(siblings) husband James, their three sons, James junior’s daughter and son also served; Additionally, six of Fannie Mae’s nine children served in active duty; 7. Ryland J. Acey, Brother of David L. Acey, Sr., Leon M. Acey and Brother-in-law of Yvonne B. Acey (ASALH Members), a U.S. Army Sergeant served in WWII from 1941-1944; 8. David l. Acey, Sr., PFC, U.S. Army, Vietnam Era (ASALH Member), a U.S. Army Military Policeman serving from 1961-1964 in the Vietnam Era. Currently, Acey is the Executive Director of Africa In April Cultural Awareness Festival, Inc. and a former Professor at The University of Memphis, Communication Arts Department.