The Under Secretary of the Army, the Honorable Gabe Camarillo hosted the Posthumous Promotion of Colonel Charles Young to Brigadier General on April 29th.

The official ceremony was attended by:

Ms. Renotta Young, Great Niece

Rhavie Kelly, Great-Great Niece

Mr. Lawrence Young, Great Nephew

Mr. Brain Shellum, Author of five COL Charles Young Books

Mr. Robert Stewart, Superintendent, Charles Young Buffalo Soldiers National Monument

Dr. David Marion – Fraternity Grand Basileus

Will Jemison – Fraternity Chief of Staff

John Howard – Fraternity Executive Director

James Witherspoon – Fraternity International Photographer

Terrance Course – Fraternity Special Assistant

LTG Kip Ward – Retired General Officer and Senior Fraternity Member


Watch the Ceremony via Youtube Below