As written by Frank Drouzas, Staff Writer, The Weekly Challenger

ST. PETERSBURG — To officially kick off Black History Month in St. Pete, Mayor Ken Welch — the city’s first African-American mayor — raised the Carter G. Woodson flag over City Hall on Feb. 1.

“As we recognize the contribution, struggle and achievements of Black Americans, let’s take a moment to remember how far we have come in our own city,” Welch said. “We have had historic elections for city council and for mayor. We’ve made progress in recognizing the disparities and the impact of structural racism in our community and creating and implementing meaningful change in economic and social equity.”

Welch noted that we also must recognize the significant work ahead of us to achieve true equity for all St. Pete residents, informed by our history.

“Accurate history does matter, and that’s why I’m honored to raise the Carter G. Woodson flag over City Hall in recognition of Black history,” the mayor said, adding that he is a strong supporter of the city’s full partnership of the expansion of the Woodson Museum of African American History.

Welch noted that progress is underway in the city, like with the recent groundbreaking at the $93 million redevelopment of the historic Jordan Park neighborhood.

“That redevelopment will reimagine Jordan Park, and it will empower its residents,” he said.

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