Growing Up in the United States of America: A Nurse Encounters Starvation in the Uninsured

Joan Oxendine

Joan W. Oxendine grew up in poor coal country in deep southern West Virginia. She knows firsthand the plight of the poor, the plight of the sick, the plight of the uninsured. As a result of her upbringing, she was called to become a nurse.

Throughout a forty year nursing career, Joan has encountered various situations, dealing with patients who were managing challenging health conditions. Many of the conditions her patients encountered could have been prevented if each had health insurance. Joan was thrilled with the benefits created with the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act, and appalled by the Republican Congress who wants to destroy it.

With the current political climate as well as the present attack on health care, Joan decided to write about her life growing up poor and working as a nurse. She wants to share her experiences in the hopes of encouraging others to also speak out and stand up for what’s right.

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