City of Detroit photo

Bridge Detroit
Bryce Huffman

“On Monday, Mayor Mike Duggan and Rochelle Riley, the city’s director of Arts, Culture & Entrepreneurship, announced that Jamon Jordan is now the city’s first official historian. Jordan said he  was “surprised and shocked” to learn about the appointment.

The honorary position is both “ceremonial and educational,” and was given to Jordan for having demonstrated his knowledge of Detroit’s cultural history, according to a City press release. It is a paid position with no term limit. 

“This city has so much important history to the region, state and country, but also world history,” said Jordan. This is “a position that I believe all cities should have, particularly a city like Detroit.” 

Jordan has been serving residents and visitors for decades in his role as a public intellectual who founded Black Scroll Network in 2013. Jordan’s tours helped longtime residents, visitors and newcomers alike to understand the history of the city and the role Black and Indigenous people played in its development…”

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