Local Arrangement Committee (LAC) Chairperson Roles & Responsibilities

The ASALH Local Arrangements Committee Chairperson shall:

  • Participate in transition meeting between current & previous year LAC Chairs
  • Appoint the following work group chairs and determine structure for committees
    • Program – Identify local ministers, emcees, persons to extend greetings and/or serve as honorary co-chairs and speakers, entertainment
    • Publicity – Share Board PR plan with committee
    • Youth Day and Teachers’ Workshop
    • Exhibitors and Vendors (only 2) – Identify local exhibitors and vendors
  • Participate on monthly conference calls between ASALH and the LAC leadership
  • Provide input to ASALH Executive Director concerning Volunteer Coordinator and PR Professional
  • Introduce ASALH Executive Director to the local school board(s) representatives
  • Facilitate monthly LAC Meetings starting in January
  • Request letters for Souvenir Journal from Governor and Mayor

Local Arrangement Committee (LAC) Conference Responsibilities

  • Identify LAC structure & leadership
  • Work with LAC and CVB representatives to identify prospective Volunteer & LAC Coordinator candidates
  • Start to circulate Volunteer & LAC Coordinator RFPs
  • Receive Volunteer & LAC Coordinator proposals
  • Schedule interviews with prospective Volunteer & LAC Coordinator candidates
  • Make decision on the Volunteer & LAC Coordinator
  • Execute Volunteer & LAC Coordinator contracts

LAC Chair responsibilities:

  • Provide input to ASALH Executive Director concerning Volunteer Coordinator and PR Professional
  • Introduce ASALH Executive Director to:
    • local school board(s) representatives
    • potential funders
  • Provide ASALH Office with names and contact information of all governmental officials to request letters of greetings for the souvenir journal
  • Assist ASALH Staff with any last minute arrangements for conference

LAC Coordinator to start work

  • LAC Chairs for current & previous year to hold transition meeting
  • LAC Chair to appoint work group chairs (start thinking about structure for committees)
    • Development and Financial Support
      • Support efforts to find:
        • sponsors
        • advertisers
        • in-kind support 
    • Program
      • Identify opportunities to support and collaborate on our arts and social justice initiatives
      • Identify:
        • local ministers, emcees and persons to extend greetings
        • persons of influence and affluence to serve as honorary co-chairs and speakers
        • entertainment for meal functions and consider a local entertainer or group for a concert on Friday night
    • Publicity
      • Identify traditional and social media outlets
      • Work with the National Marketing Committee
      • Set-up interviews with local media outlets for ASALH national and local officers
      • Provide onsite support during the conference including supporting the media desk by:
        • Staffing to check-in media
    • School District Liaison – (Youth Day and Teachers’ Workshop)
    • Tours – work with ASALH Conference Planner to identify tour locations, guides and other logistics
  • Start monthly conference calls between ASALH and the LAC leadership
  • Schedule initial LAC Meeting
    • Present general ASALH and conference information
  • Convene and facilitate monthly LAC Meetings
  • ASALH Office to distribute information about the LAC Meeting to entire ASALH membership
  • Identify a local PR professional to work with the LAC work group and the ASALH Office
    • Information for above mentioned people to ASALH Office

Local Arrangement Committee (LAC) Work Group Roles & Responsibilities

Program Work Group

Ministers, Greeters & Emcees

  • Identify interdenominational ministers to give the invocation and benediction at all meal functions.
  • Identify prominent persons to serve as event moderators (MCs)
  • Identify prominent business and community leaders to give greetings at all meal functions.
  • Provide contact information for the above persons.
  • Make a secondary follow-up contact with the above persons after an initial letter of invitation has been sent by the ASALH Office.
  • Once persons have confirmed their participation, follow-up with them:
    • Two weeks before the event
    • The day before the event
  • Serve as greeters, meeting the above persons at their designated event.

Speakers & Honorary Co-Chairpersons

  • Identify potential speakers of interest that have a connection to the conference theme.
  • Identify business and community leaders to serve as honorary co-chairpersons.
  • Provide contact information for the above persons.
  • If possible, set up meetings with potential honorary co-chairpersons and the ASALH Executive Director.

Publicity Work Group

The committee should be made up of media and public relations professionals.

  • Work with the National ASALH Marketing Committee to promote the conference.
  • Identify media outlets – print, radio, television and social media
  • Compile a master list of media outlets and contacts
  • Develop story lines and a timeline for distributing press releases to media contacts
  • Distribute all conference information and press releases to their individual media contacts.
  • Make sure ASALH information and personnel are covered by their individual organizations. This includes:
    • Radio talk show interviews
    • PSAs
    • Coverage on news and community programs
    • Live radio remote broadcast during the conference
  • Develop a list of places and events where ASALH information can be distributed. Work with the Volunteer Coordinator to make sure ASALH has representation at these events.
  • Secure volunteers that will post & tweet on social media before, during and after the conference.

Youth Day and Teachers’ Workshop Work Group

  • Youth Day
    • Youth Day is typically held on Friday or Saturday in one of the local middle or high schools.
    • Identify individuals that would like to help create a youth-centered program using local resources that would inspire and encourage young people based on their history.
    • Identify individuals in the local school district to support an assembly-style Youth Day Program.
    • Committee should work with the local Board of Education to identify what type of program(s) they will support.
    • Committee will help promote the Youth Day Program to those organizations that can support the program and generate attendance by local youth.
  • Teachers’ Workshop
    • The Teachers’ Workshop is typically held on Thursday in the convention venue.
    • Identify administrators, teachers, community partners, etc. who support professional development for teachers. Continuous Education Units (CEUs) will also be given for full participation in the workshop.
    • Assist with introductions and meetings where the facilitators can promote the workshop and assist in providing the standards needed to create a custom workshop for teachers in the conference city.
    • The Teacher’s Workshop is facilitated by the Co-Editors of the Black History Bulletin, a publication for teachers by teacher educators. The all day workshop provides culturally responsive teaching techniques.  
    •  The workshop registration fee provides teachers/administrators with
      • membership to ASALH
      • general registration to all days of the conference
      • registration for the workshop
      • continental breakfast
      • a luncheon with a featured speaker
      • ASALH Black History posters and journals and other tools that can be used in the classroom.
    • Committee will help promote the Teachers’ Workshop to those organizations that can support the program and generate attendance by area teachers and educators.

Exhibitors and Vendors Work Group

  • Identify potential local vendors and exhibitors.
  • Work with ASALH Exhibit & Vendor Coordinator to secure at least 10 local vendors and exhibitors.

Faith-based Leaders/Greeters/Talent Tracking Document

LAC Action Item Worksheet

LAC Emcees Greeters Ministers Entertainment Contact Grid

Sponsorship Brochure