Let Freedom Ring for Everyone: The Diversity of Our Nation

Eric Jackson

Let Freedom Ring For Everyone: The Diversity of Our Nation provides students with selected readings that encourage a more fruitful, informative, and open dialogue about race, ethnicity, and immigration in the United States. The text explores the vast impact of immigrants to the economic, political, and social systems of the nation, as well as modern attitudes and perceptions toward ethnic and immigrant populations.

The book features four distinct parts. Part I introduces the concepts of race, institutional racism, whiteness, and race and ethnic equality, then presents articles that examine these concepts from various perspectives. In Part II, students learn about tools of dominance and division, including stereotypes, the criminal justice system, the health care system, the political system, and educational structures. Parts III and IV contain readings regarding various minority groups that have immigrated to the United States. Students learn and read about Arab Americans, African Americans, Asian Americans, Brazilian Americans, Haitian Americans, Jewish Americans, Native Americans, and Nigerian Americans.

Let Freedom Ring For Everyone is an enlightening and illuminating text that is well suited for courses in American history, American culture, black studies, and ethnic studies.

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