The University of Maryland’s Center for Global Migration Studies and the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of African American History and Culture will be hosting virtual conference throughout the month of March. Making African America: A Virtual Symposium on Immigration and the Changing Dynamics of Blackness will feature scholarly panels, community projects, and cultural exhibits.

The Making African America symposium brings together scholars, journalists, activists, curators, filmmakers and writers to discuss how immigration has shaped and is continuing to reshape what it means to be Black in the United States. The conference will be held over 3 consecutive weekends in March. Panel topics include Civil and Labor Rights, Transnational Ties, Artistic Encounters, Constructions of Blackness, representations of the Black Immigrant experience in film/literature/cultural institutions, and so much more. This conference will speak to the wide variety of historic and contemporary experiences that come from the intersection of African Americans and American Africans.

Our keynote speaker, Professor Carole Boyce Davies, is a professor of English and Africana Studies at Cornell University. Other sessions will explore the literature of the black diaspora, transnational black activism, and the formation of black identities.

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