Man of God: What Is Your Report?/Woman of God: What Is Your Report?

W. R. Coleman

These two powerful volumes of encouragement celebrate examples of courage, faith, and grace who have shared their testimonies to the strengthening of others. Each person’s story honors who I know them to be . . . and in every case, I know readers will be blessed, encouraged, and perhaps even challenged by something in their article. There are so many truths to learn and power to gain from the honest, heartfelt testimonies of survival, self-motivation, and gratefulness to God.

These first two volumes of the What Is Your Report? series remind us that as we stand on faith in God and allow our lives to be the rich ground from which life’s healing springs, others can find sources of that same lifegiving water.

If you have a testimony, I encourage you to share it. Find a place that feels safe to you. Seek out people who honor you for the person you are and the life you’ve lived without judgement or hypocrisy. Tell your story. It can and will give life.

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