Brought to you by ASALH, in partnership with Howard University Social Justice Consortium, and sponsored by the Mellon Just Futures Initiative.

September 8 – “Eating While Black”

Featured Author: Psyche Williams-ForsonProfessor Williams-Forson is a Professor and Department Chair of the American studies at the University of Maryland. She is author of the awarding winning book, Building Houses out of Chicken Legs: Black Women, Food, and Power (The University ofNorth Carolina Press, 2006);

Panelists: Chef Kabui, Ashante Reese, Jennifer Wallach, and Adrian Miller

Moderator: LaShawn Harris

September 15 – “The Bonds of Inequality”    

Featured Author: Destin Jenkins

Professor Jenkins is a Associate Professor of History at Stanford University. His work bridges the fields of economic, urban, and political history, and focuses on capitalism, democracy, and social movements in the United States during the long twentieth century.

Featured Book: The Bonds of Inequality: Debt and The Making of the American City;

Moderator: Jarvis Givens

Panelists: Charisse Burden-Stelly, Kyle Mays, Marlous van Waijenburg, Robin McDowell