Mission of the Branches

The branch structure of ASALH reflects Carter G. Woodson’s belief that our mission of creating and disseminating knowledge about Black history could not be realized by academics alone.  He envisioned the branches as a means of extending ASALH’s reach across the country and beyond to gather primary materials about Black history and  to promote the finished results to the public through events and organizational activities.

A Renewed Emphasis on Branches

The Executive Council recognizes the importance of branches. Staff support is provided to improve the experience of ASALH mission.

Join a Branch

If you are considering joining ASALH or are already a member, become more involved in the work of  ASALH by joining one of the branches.  Branches exist in many states throughout the United States.  Some are institution-based, but most serve an area.  To find out more about the activities of the branch nearest you, please use the branch directory.

We have branches throughout the United States.  In order to join a branch, you must first be a member of ASALH National, then you must pay the branch dues [if applicable].  If interested, contact the branch representative of your choice listed on our branch directory for their meeting notices.  Take your receipt to the meeting to show proof of your National Membership.  Then you are eligible to join the branch. 

Starting a Branch

If there is no branch in your area, contact the Vice President for Membership. Extend the work of ASALH by creating a new branch. Our membership team is dedicated to assisting you. For the application form, please click here or contact us via telephone or email.

The 2019-2021 Vice President for Membership is Mrs. Barbara Spencer Dunn. She can be reached at vpformembership2019@asalh.org.

Reinstating a Branch

ASALH has established procedures for reinstating branches that have become inactive.