The Private Branch Members Page is emailed to all current members, check back regularly for important documents. The password for the Private Branch Members Page is emailed to all current branch members.

Branch Annual Reports are due March 15. Please carefully review the instructions below.

The 2023 Branch Leadership teams are responsible for submitting the Branch Annual report.

Each branch is required to complete the Yearly Branch Report and submit it to ASALH Headquarters by March 15th of each year. Branch members, assist your President in making sure your reports are accurate and in on time.

National bylaws require that your branch status via branch reports be reviewed by our Executive Council members during every June meeting. They look forward to the report of your projects and how you promote the legacy of Dr. Woodson.

The reports must be completed online and in one sitting.

The reports must be completed in one sitting. Use this link to access the form needed to submit your report via the website.

It should take no more than 30-45 minutes to enter the report.  There is only one form to complete. All branches (those with 501 (c) 3 status and those that do not) complete the same form this year. A video and PowerPoint presentation from the November 10, 2022 training has been posted on the Branch Private Page. The password has been sent to all branch members and will be sent in follow up correspondence regarding the Annual Report.

If your branch does not have an EIN or a bank account, please contact Executive Director Sylvia Cyrus by December 1, 2022 at prior to completing the report.

Branch Officers Form

Branches must submit the names of all branch officers By January 1 each year and must submit any officer changes within 15 days of the change. Click here to fill out Branch Officers Form.

Branch members may log into their ASALH Online profile here. Use ASALH Online to renew your dues.

Click here to download a PDF of the Branch Membership Form

Request for Details on Branch Events & News

Click here to view Branch Events

Click here to view Branch News

All branches are asked to submit the details of upcoming events and news so that they can be posted to the ASALH website. Take advantage of this great opportunity to share the events that are being planned by your branch and news regarding your branch and its members.

Please find TWO separate forms below for submitting BRANCH EVENTS and/or BRANCH NEWS.

National Calendar of Events

ASALH Events Calendar: Dates for future conferences, Black History Luncheons, Woodson Birthday Commemorations, Business meetings and more can be found here. 

The ASALH Membership Brochure

The membership brochure is being redesigned and the current inventory in the office has been depleted. Please feel free to use this file to print brochures locally until the new version is available. Please send suggestions on any edits that you would like to see in the new brochure to

We Need Your Help to Reconnect with Past Members and Rebuild Branches

Do you know where they are?

In the past, there were ASALH Branches in the following states and cities within these states:
Arkansas (Marianna); Ohio (Wilberforce, Toledo); New Jersey (Sickleville, East Orange (2), Mt. Laurel); Missouri (St. Louis); South Carolina (Orangeburg); Tennessee (Chattanooga); Wisconsin (Milwaukee); Delaware (Newark); Connecticut; (Hartford), and Texas (Houston).

These branches no longer exist and we would like to revitalize them.  If you live in these areas or know someone who does and may be interested in forming a branch, please contact the Vice President for Membership at We are working to form new branches, revitalize inactive branches, or reconnect with members who we have lost contact over the years. Thanks for your help with this matter.

Nominations for ASALH Awards

The Awards Committee is accepting applications for the Woodson Scholars Medallion, the Mary McLeod Bethune Serve Award, and the Council Award of Special Recognition. The nominations can be submitted here.

Complimentary Print Copies of the JAAH for Branch Members

One of the benefits of being a branch member is that you receive a complimentary print copy subscription in addition to the digital version that is provided to all members except associate members.  If you do not receive your branch copy, please inform your branch officer(s) or email 

To Request a List of Branch Current and Former Members

Any branch officer who requests a copy of the current or former branch officers may do so by emailing  The president of the branch should be copied on all requests.

Veterans History Project

ASALH branches are encouraged to submit interviews for the Veterans History Project.  Click this link to go to the site for the information and details. 

How to Reinstate an ASALH Branch

Information on Reinstating an ASALH Branch

Frequently asked questions on how to organize a branch

This document provides important information on how members can form new branches and how current branches can meet the requirements of compliance. Frequently asked questions on how to organize and maintain a branch.

Branches are encouraged to become Vietnam War Commemoration Partners

Through our partnership, ASALH will salute Vietnam era veterans at least twice a year. Each branch is asked to consider applying for your own partnership and to encourage other groups to join as well. There is no charge for applying or for receiving pins for veterans and their families. For details click here.

The 2023 National Branch Membership Meeting Schedule

All branch members are invited and are encouraged to attend these meetings. They will be held virtually at 8:00 p.m. EST. Notices for the meetings will be emailed to each branch member.

PAST MEETINGS:   January 12th, February 9th, March 9th

April 13th

May 11th

June 8th

September 14th

October 12th

November 9th

December 14th

National Branch Leadership Meetings

The agenda for these meetings will provide information for the officers. All officers and those interested in these offices are strongly encouraged to attend. All branch members are invited and are encouraged to attend these meetings. They will be held virtually at 8:00 p.m. EST. Notices for the meetings will be emailed to each branch member.

March 24 – presidents and vice presidents

June 8 – treasurers

If you are a branch member and have not received this message within 5 days prior to the meeting, please contact the Vice President for Membership at and your branch president.

If you have questions regarding these meetings please contact Vice President for Membership Ida Jones at

Family Activity Instructions

Use these activities to join a nationwide movement to honor the elders in your family by capturing their stories through oral history interviews in this FAMILY MENTORING MISSION STATEMENT ACTIVITY.

Is the History of your Branch on file?

On May 15, 2015 all branches were to turn in their branch history using the template located in the Branch tool Kit.  Please follow up with your branch president to see if your history was submitted.  Your assistance may be needed in completing this important historical record.

The ASALH Logo and Central Images for the Annual Theme

ASALH Branches may use the ASALH logo for official business and promotion.  All others must receive permission. Contact

“Woodson/Franklin Talks”

Forging Pathways to Multiculturalism and Interracial Understanding in the Twenty-First Century

The purpose of this proposal is to solicit support in hosting a series of  Woodson/Franklin Talks‖ co-sponsored with the Association for the Study of African American Life and History, Inc. (ASALH). The purpose of the ―Woodson/Franklin Talks‖ would be to engage the public in a series of ―courageous conversations‖ that will address the problem of ―race‖ and methods of ―racial reconciliation‖ pursued historically in the United States and around the world.

The thoughts and ideas of Dr. Carter G. Woodson found in his 1933 seminal work The Mis-Education of the Negro and in Carter G. Woodson’s Appeal, written in 1921, but published in 2008, will serve as the springboard for this series of conversations.

Please click here to download the full proposal.


Use the News submission form to submit post event coverage, information about branch members and other news. Share information about the branch and branch members who have been recognized by other organizations. Share information that will be recorded in ASALH records to highlight the impact that the branch and branch members have had on the community. Share the results of research projects and community service. Include details of events that have passed that will be of interest to those who did and did not attend.

(Live - Current) Branch News
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Click here to learn about Protocols For Face-to-Face Meetings and Events.

Use the Event Submission form to submit events and meetings. These listings are to be used to provide information that will be included on the ASALH website to promote upcoming events. This form should also be used to post events that missed being posted prior to the event. Your submission is posted to the ASALH archives and the information will be on file as a record for the years to come of the activities and meetings planned by the branch where they took place. 

All branches that post their Woodson Birthday event through the web portal by October 15 will receive a complimentary Black History kit for next year. Submissions should have a flyer attached so that the event can be promoted via ASALH National social media channels. Email submissions will not be accepted.

(Not live) Branch Events
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