Dear ASALH Member: 

The Nominating Committee of ASALH seeks nominations for the Executive Council, Class of 2023.  The Executive Council and the Executive Officers set the policy direction for ASALH and are responsible for carrying out the mission of the organization and ensuring its fiscal soundness. A new class of eight members is elected to the Executive Council each year. Executive Officers of the Association serve three-year terms. All candidates for the Executive Council must hold an active membership in ASALH. 

Nominations are due by April 9, 2021, in the ASALH office—Mail to: 301 Rhode Island Ave., N.W. Washington, DC 20001. Nominations may be sent electronically to the Co-Chairs of the Nominating Committee by using the online form that can be accessed at the bottom of this page. Questions regarding the process can be sent to us at the subject heading “Executive Council Nominations.

 Criteria for Executive Council Membership includes the following requirements. 

  • Attendance at an orientation meeting in February 2021, during the first Executive Council meeting of the year.  
  • A member in good standing and paying into a life membership. If already a life member, required to contribute annually at the Heritage donation level.  
  • Attendance, at his/her own expense, to, at least, two of the following Executive Council meetings:  in February (in Washington, DC), June (in Washington, DC), and September in the location of the annual meeting of the Association. 
  • Attendance on a minimum of two conference calls as needed to conduct Executive Council business between the three in-person meetings. 
  • Support of the February Black History Luncheon in Washington, DC. by attending and/or selling tickets and securing advertisements for the program journal. 
  • Contributions of at least $1300 a year. ($300 for Annual Black History Luncheon and an additional requirement of $1,000 by the June Executive Council Meeting, in support of the Association’s Annual Fund – totaling $1300.) 

The Association is seeking individuals who are dedicated to supporting its vision, goals, and objectives. Candidates must be willing to plan and actively participate in activities, programs, and innovative initiatives that will enhance the Association’s scholarly and service mission and ensure its fiscal stability.

Interested persons should submit a Nominations Form (below). Thank you for your continued support of ASALH. 


Carlton Wilson and Annette Palmer, 

Co-Chairs ASALH Nominating Committee

February 2020


To submit a nomination follow these steps:
1) Download the form.
2) Complete the form.
3) Save to your computer.
4) Email to


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