Hine-Horne Book Roundtable: Tyrone McKinley Freeman: “Madam C. J. Walker’s Gospel of Giving: Black Women’s Philanthropy during Jim Crow”

All Academic Conference Platform

The roundtable panel will include presenters Tyrone McKinley Freeman of the Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy, Dennis Clark Dickerson of Vanderbilt University, Crystal M. Moten, Smithsonian Institution of the National Museum of American History, LaShawn Harris of Michigan State University, and chaired by Tiffany Gill of the University of Delaware.

Hine-Horne Book Roundtable: V. P. Franklin’s “Young Crusaders”

All Academic Conference Platform

This book roundtable panel will discuss V. P. Franklin's 2021 book, "The Young Crusaders: The Untold Story of the Children and Teenagers who Galvanized the Civil Rights Movement." This special book panel will include presenters V. P. Franklin of University of California, Riverside, Genna Rae McNeil, Derrick P. Alridge of University of Virginia, Linda Perkins of Claremont Graduate University, and chaired by Jarvis R. Givens of Harvard University.