Registered participants will convene on every Thursday and Saturday in September beginning on September 3 through September 26, 2020 on our ASALH ALL ACADEMIC platform for activities that will be broadcast via our secure ASALH Zoom and ASALH TV platforms.  On September 30 we will close out the conference beginning at 4 PM EST with a special Plenary Session Sponsored by the National Parks Conservation Association followed by our Annual Business meeting at 6:15 PM EST.

While persons may register as walk-ups on any day in September, we advise and strongly encourage all parties interested to register in advance. Register at least one hour before a session you plan to attend.

Please review this easy tip sheet on how to access All-Academic and the Virtual Conference

We look forward to seeing you this September!


For Closed Caption (CC) viewingASALH recommends all participants to download Zoom to their PCs, Tablets and Phones (where compatible).