Deadline extended!! All Black Family Recipe submissions must be received by midnight January 27, 2021 Pacific Standard Time.

Black Family Recipe Submission Instructions for the February 6th Foodways Event

ASALH will host its first Black History Month Festival throughout the month of February.  The opening virtual event, titled “From the Continent to the Americas: Foodways, Culture and Traditions in the Black Family” will be held Saturday, February 6, 2021 from 12noon – 2pm EST and can be viewed on ASALH TV. The program is free and open to the public.  The focus of this event is to highlight the traditions of the Black Family and how food played a pivotal role in the family relationships and dynamics over time and space.  

The program will feature a stellar panel led by Gina Paige of African Ancestry, Inc. and will include Celebrity Chef Carla Hall, Professor and Author Dr. Stephanie Evans, and Actor and Author Daphne Maxwell Reid. We are inviting the ASALH community to participate by submitting family recipes that reflects the theme of this exciting event!

ASALH will review and select recipes that best reflect aspects of the theme and the panelists will highlight the selected recipes in the panel discussion during the February 6th virtual event. 

All Black Family Recipe submissions must be received by midnight January 27, 2021 Pacific Standard Time.

Thank you in advance for your submission. Tune in on February 6th to enjoy the event on ASALH TV and to find out if your submission is selected as one of the delicious examples of Black Family Recipes!

Click the image below to download a pdf of the flyer.


1. Submissions may include recipes of a particular dish or meal (main dish, dessert, beverage entrée, etc.)

2. Submissions may include a short description of how the recipe addresses the event theme (e.g., passed down through generations, unique family story, a favorite at reunions, used for special family occasions, family comfort, etc.)

3. Submissions must include a photo of the dish, meal or beverage.

4. The Foodways Committee will select (2-5) recipes to be discussed during the Foodways event.

5. Individuals may submit no more than 2 recipes that the reflect the theme of the February 6th event.

6. By submitting the recipe, you agree to allow ASALH to use the submission (including description and photo) for marketing purposes, discussion at the event and in post-event marketing and follow-up activities.

7. Deadline extended!! All submissions must be received by 12 midnight, PST, January 27, 2021.


• Recipes must include standard U.S. weights and volume measures and include a complete list of ingredients, complete preparation directions, pan sizes, cooking times, temperature, and yield. Include food safety statements, as appropriate. 

• Recipes should be easy to replicate in home cooking environment using conventional equipment.

Black Family Recipe Submission Form

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